Transportation Options

Our transportation & accommodation choice will depend on where we decide to travel, how long we stay in each place, and the expected availability of classrooms and affordable accommodations.

Van: Could self-drive and reach more remote places but continually packing/unpacking, setting up/tearing down, and seeking accommodations.

Bus: Need a driver & perhaps stay on more major roads but big enough to sleep in and/or teach in would be great.  Plus the large under-storage enables easy access to classroom materials plus furniture for an outdoor classroom under an awning.  A major advantage of a full size bus is visibility.  Brightly decorated with “Learn to code today” slogans and fun art would make a grand entrance in smaller towns and automatically draw a crowd from word-of-mouth.

Dream: A double-decker bus.
Downstairs: Shower/bathroom, workshop with 2D machining & 3D printer & 2 rows of seats.
Upstairs: Convertible space for computer lab, classroom, meetings, library & sleeping.

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