• We plan to focus on the smaller cities and villages who do not have as much access to resources as the large cities.
  • We are unlikely to physically reach a significant percentage of Indonesian school because Indonesia has:
    • World’s fourth-largest education system
    • 500 districts
    • 236.000 schools
    • 55.000.000 Students
  • But we hope to make a significant difference to those people and communities who we do meet.

Primary Audience

  • High school seniors because
    • they will soon need tech skills in jobs or college
    • they can help teach the lower grade
    • hopefully, use of the tech materials will spread down towards the lower grades.
  • High School Teachers
  • School administrators
  • Public education

Secondary Audience

  • Grade school aged students, whether in school or other group facilities.
  • Community groups
  • Parents
  • Private education


  • Anywhere we find people willing to self-learn and/or teach others.
  • Would love to be able to set up in a market location and teach a course that would interest people in exploring online beyond social media.

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