Indonesia is not effectively using the available educational resources

  • The Ministry of Education has some resources but:
    • they appear to have little traffic.
    • they separate educational materials into different sites (content by the ministry, content by teachers, content by TV, and a separate Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).
    • they don’t link to free (or paid) quality educational materials available elsewhere (ex. Khan Academy)
    • the National Curriculum is in PDF only, and not linked to resources or advice.
    • No teacher’s forum, only one-way communication with teachers.
    • The Moodle LMS is great for tech-savvy teachers but is likely way too complicated for teachers who are getting online for the first time.
    • The government provides information about schools, but not in a useful way. We would like to know how many schools have computer labs, how many are using the government websites on an occasional or frequent basis.
  • Many school children only use computer for basic word processing.
  • Schools are likely unaware that educational materials are now available in free or inexpensive packages.
  • Teachers are likely afraid of teaching subjects that they don’t know, like coding, but the available self-learning materials are now good enough that the teacher simply needs to be willing to learn along with the students
  • We want to decrease the divide between the “have” city schools with great internet and the “have not” schools with no internet.

Tech-savvy graduates are needed

  • Many jobs now require basic computer skills and the skill level required will only grow.
  • Worldwide, countries are expecting a shortage of IT workers.
  • Indonesian business is rapidly moving online but many people outside of the major metropolitan centers are probably left out.

General awareness

  • Many people:
    • Believe that Facebook is the internet & they never venture further.
    • Are unaware that they too can actively participate.
    • Are unable to recognize digital scams, hoaxes & fake news.

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